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Plan Design
An Equity Compensation Plan (ECP) balances the needs of the organization with the goals of employees. This alignment is a win-win situation for both the organization and the employees.
Our team would help you structure an ECP customized to your needs, because we know that one size does not fit all! We give great attention to the needs of the management and the reasoning behind ‘sharing of ownership’, keeping in mind the interests of the employees. We believe that we can help you create a healthy ownership attitude and also share wealth with the employees. Our team, backed by industry work experience and expertise in various fields such as Equity Compensation, Law, Accounting, Human Resources, enables us to understand you better. We have worked with companies at all stages of business and helped them design their ECP.
Design of an ECP involves recommendations on the kinds of instruments to be used (stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted stock, phantom stock options, etc.), allocation to employees, detailed terms and conditions of grants, legal compliances, etc. We chalk out the best possible alternatives for ECP in the organization.

Trust us, come aboard and we will take you ashore from the sea of equity compensation!

Plan Implementation & Compliances
Our team also has experts who look after the implementation and compliance issues for an ECP. This would include review of the ECP design and documentation, assessing whether the design achieved the objectives that were set out during the design phase, evaluation of the existing processes for complying with the rules and regulations, write process manuals, advise on taxation issues.
Our thorough knowledge on aspects relating to plan administration, we can help you manage the ECP. We can assess whether your needs on data handling and compliance issues requires process building within the organization or an outsourcing solution would work best.

Plan Communication
Our expertise would come handy when you want to communicate the terms and conditions to the employees. We conduct sessions with the employees regularly to help the employees understand how the plan works and how it benefits them!
We conduct training sessions for process owners as well. This would help the process owners take charge of the plan and they can answer queries of the employees and the management as well.

Plan Accounting and Valuation
Our team helps you sort out the valuation and accounting for equity compensation instruments that you have. Be it stock options, stock settled stock appreciation rights, cash settled stock appreciation rights, phantom stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units.. We know it all!
We provide valuation of options using an option pricing model under Indian GAAP and also under US GAAP / IFRS. The valuation services provided are online here and can be accessed by you.
We also provide expensing / amortization reports for equity compensation instruments. The expense recognition and allocation reports help you figure out the expense that you need to recognize in any financial period.
Worried about disclosures? We also have reports which give the exact disclosures that are required to be made in the annual / quarterly reports